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First I'll answer your question. No. Now I'll use my broken record to say what I always say, "like 9/11, it really doesn't matter who did it, where it came from, whether it happened the way they say, or who should be held accountable. The fact remains that the "event (s)" was/were/are, used/being used to further an agenda and steal more liberty from the people. " Another great thought provoking post.

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I have previously commented that with this "weaponization" of virus and bacteria and even mis-folded proteins, via biowarfare research over many many decades, and now the "deployment" of the same via mRNA disguised as a vaccine, we should really have some public discussions about previous weaponization of diseases like smallpox, ebola, tularemia, for example, in that this greater pool of knowledge would benefit our researchers.

I have been surprised this has been met by pushback, even from some of the people you would expect to support it. Some of the excuses were that it was old tech, there would be no potential benefit, it is another can or worms, that stuff should be left dead and buried.

But it is not "dead and buried" but a great deal of it may still be in deployable condition.

Or "lingering" in a coke can in some forgotten Slovakian weapons lab!

Nobody even reacts when you tell them the Soviets had refrigerated re-entry vehicles for their ICBMs loaded with weaponized Smallpox!

Correctly, the Intel guys that detected this from sat photos said "We knew they weren't sending cold beer."

Until we get this level of transparency, openness, about the past, we literally have no hope!

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