I've heard rumblings from some calling for a national divorce. (It probably won't happen). Let these "blue" areas of the country secede and do what they want and let the red areas do the same. Break this Em Effing nuthouse apart and move on. Give the people a choice. But, in my opinion, that sounds like a political solution and I don't think that politics alone will save us. It's really complicated to think about and makes my head spin. For now, I believe the best we can do is find those places in our state where common sense is still on the menu and join with them. Become strong communities. Whether that's a farm with 2 families on it or a town of 20,000 people. It's going to be a lot of work. I grew up in one of the most uber rural areas of the U.S. and was fortunate enough to have known a time in my life without electricity or running water. A place where neighbors (which were usually about a mile away minimum) shared and traded with one another, agreed on most things and even if they didn't necessarily "like" you, would come to your aid if necessary. This is what we have to get back. Maybe not doing without electric and running water (haha), but remembering how to treat one another again. And, I know that I may be oversimplifying things a bit... but I think one of the first things we could do to start down that path is to put down the fondle slab (cell phone), get rid of most social media and learn to talk to one another again. America was built without social media, without cell phones, without many luxuries at all. What the people hungered for was liberty. Until liberty becomes important enough that people are willing to sacrifice everything for it, I don't really see much hope in getting back that "founder's spirit". Doesn't mean I think that wealth, luxuries and creature comforts don't play a role and aren't a good thing, it just means that America's priorities have been a bit upside down and the ship definitely needs to be righted. That starts in the hearts and minds of the people.

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That John Stuart ( spelling?), never heard of him before, is really quick.

I guess that it was scripted as he says the sort of things that I make up after the occasion is over.

To your other points Slugdaddy; we never knew to get our scripts ready for what is today.

We concentrated on our daily lives and looking after our families and local communities.

Well that's my excuse anyway.

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