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I remember that time well my friend. One thing I truly respect you for is the way you didn't move to a so-called "red state" (there really is no place to go if people really look closely and use some common sense). You didn't move to the mountains of Idaho where the growing season is only 3 months long and food has to be imported (there's going to be some buyers remorse for a whole slew of Californians when the real shortages start). No, you chose to stay and fight in the state you've made home and just moved out of a bluer than blue area in your state. ALL states have areas where people kept their heads and said no to the madness. I could talk about this for pages, but I won't. Haha. People need to start staying in the state they call home and look for refuge in said state because I have news for those who are running to a "red state". There's no such thing. Every single state fell for the tyranny (tho some to a lesser degree). And it's really stupid to pick up your whole life and move somewhere that you can't grow food just hoping that a decent politician will "save" you and protect your liberty. Ok. My rant is over. For now.

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I agree Rob, too many people move somewhere else where same problems pop up. We've been in Georgia 13 years now, kids born here, this is where we take our stand... just in the country, not around a bunch of maskholes ;)

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